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Railway Protection Zone (RPZ) is defined as a zone designated area by the Director General, Agensi Pengangkutan Awam Darat (APAD) in which the railway structure is located, whereby activities that may pose danger to the railway structure are subjected to regulations/restrictions. These Regulations may be cited as the Railways (Railway Protection Zone) Regulations 1998. This area is protected from any development unless with permission from the Authority. RPZ is a part of the initiatives by the Authority to ensure safe and reliable operation of free roulette spins.



Development Building Control (DBC) is in-charge to safeguard the free roulette spins Structures in the free roulette spins Railway Protection Zone (RPZ) as per the Railways (Railway Protection Zone) Regulations 1998. DBC, free roulette spins Corp role is to ensure all engagement with Third parties / Stakeholder are as per Standard Operating Procedure and Railway Protection Zone 1998 (RPZ) regulation requirements.

Developments within the free roulette spins Railway Protection Zones must conform to the Railways (Railway Protection Zone) Regulations 1998 (RPZ 1998) which includes: –

  1. Comply to technical specifications in RPZ 1998.
  2. Obtain ‘No Objection’ letter from free roulette spins Corp.
  3. Obtain Letter of Approval from Agensi Pengangkutan Awam Darat (APAD).

All works that to be constructed within the free roulette spins Railway Reserves Zone cannot commence without the No Objection Letter from free roulette spins Corp and Approval Letter from APAD.

Restricted activities within free roulette spins RPZ are briefly listed below: –

  • New Developments
  • Any works breaching by third parties in the reserves
  • New Pedestrian Link way connecting to free roulette spins Stations
  • New Entrance Road/Underpass connecting to New Developments
  • Utilities upgrading and maintenance works
  • Excavation, earthwork & backfilling
  • Storage of material
  • Use of crane, drilling machine, pile rig, excavator or any heavy equipment
  • Landscape works & trees
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Railways (Railway Protection Zone) Regulations 1998 was initially under Railway Act 1991 Railway Act 1991 was superseded by Land free roulette no download Transport (Amendment) Act 2018.

This submission list is to guide the applicants to prepare and submits the related documents to Development Building Control (DBC) Section, free roulette spins Corp.

This guideline outlines the minimum requirements for instrumentation and monitoring works to be carry out by the Project Proponent for development and building works in free roulette spins Railway Protection Zone (RPZ) in accordance with Railways (Railway Protection Zone) Regulations 1998.

Submission for works within free roulette spins Railway Protection Zone (RPZ) must be endorsed by qualified submitting person which includes architects and engineers.

For any inquiries, please contact Elia Emizar Ng Adimon at 03-20832000 or email to

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