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Marcus Hiles Predicts Houston’s Market Trends

Marcus Hiles Predicts Houston’s Market Trends

Acclaimed Texas developer and investor Marcus Hiles has a knack of anticipating real estate market trends. Hiles started his celebrated career by bringing to the market cost-effective apartments that offered rich details. To date, his organizations manage and have acquired more than 15,000…


Hiles Helps Residents Lower Bills Through Tree Planting Initiative

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“Trees and vegetation play a key role in every Western Rim development,” Marcus Hiles says, noting that he takes his company’s carbon footprint into account with each project they take on. “We give our renters the lowest housing density with the greatest amount…


Marcus Hiles Elevates Daily Life Of Residents

Marcus Hiles is one of the most prominent real estate developers in Texas, having brought luxury living to thousands with rental apartment homes that feature cutting-edge design and state-of-the-art appliances. Hiles is known for providing residents with affordable yet upscale conveniences, with revolutionary…


Marcus Hiles Supports Women Throughout Texas

Western Rim CEO, Marcus Hiles, has contributed more than $600,000 to disadvantaged women’s programs in Texas over the past two decades. The three poorest metropolitan areas in the US are located in Texas with 51 percent of poor families being led by women.…


Marcus Hiles Notes Shift To Outdoor Architectural Focus

Architectural trends include chic outdoor designs that boast low maintenance but high style. Marcus Hiles of Western Rim Properties has seen this demand rise, with an emphasis on open-air spaces that are both sustainable and reduce costs. Eco-friendly, conservation-minded choices like rainwater/graywater harvesting…


Marcus Hiles Simplify by Reducing Utility Bill Expenses

When temperatures are on the rise and air conditioners work all day long, Marcus Hiles suggests that roofing insulation may need to be replaced. Houses usually absorb the sun’s radiant heat through the roof, and warms up the attic and air ducts, which…


Marcus Hiles Charts Environmental Responsibility to Housing Developments

Environmental stewardship is of full value to the philosophy of the well-known Texas real estate developer Marcus Hiles. “Creating communities that work in harmony with nature and lessen humanity’s carbon footprint is a responsibility I embrace,” he says. Hiles, who is Chairman and…


Marcus Hiles Uses Best Practices For Peaceful Communities

Among the greatest conveniences of the 21st century is a feeling of privacy. In all of the modern rental homes, townhomes, and apartments developed by Marcus Hiles’ Western Rim Property Services, his residents enjoy the serenity of a quiet living environment. Part of…


Marcus Hiles’ Estates Concept Changing Game For Rental Market

Marcus Hiles ensures that Estates communities are gated and that each unit is elevator accessible. Additionally, each features well-kept outdoor and community spaces, a resort-style swimming pool and tanning deck, on-demand concierge service, and high-tech fitness center. Hiles’ brand’s richly appointed apartments and…


Marcus Hiles – Dallas CEO Donates 200 Laptops to Students

Marcus Hiles’ community inspired business efforts mirror his personal devotion to philanthropic causes. The CEO of Western Rim Property Services has donated over $2.5 million to public and private K-12 school, after school programs, and college job search assistance services. Hiles’ upbringing from…