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Marcus Hiles Notes Importance Of Education In Job Success

George Washington Carver made the observation “education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.” Marcus Hiles, Dallas-based real estate developer and Founder of Western Rim, shares this belief, noting that education is truly the foundation for an individual’s success in…


Hiles Helps Residents Lower Bills Through Tree Planting Initiative

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“Trees and vegetation play a key role in every Western Rim development,” Marcus Hiles says, noting that he takes his company’s carbon footprint into account with each project they take on. “We give our renters the lowest housing density with the greatest amount…


Marcus Hiles Discusses Features Making Western Rim Living Attractive

Bigger is often better, especially when it comes to living quarters. The increasing popularity and trendiness of urban living frequently brings the decrease of square footage for the average tenant– making Marcus Hiles’ Western Rim properties and their expansive living arrangements so incredibly…


Marcus Hiles Offering Attainable Luxury Rentals

Marcus Hiles’ Dallas News highlighted companies, Western Rim Property Services and its affiliate Newport Classic Homes, have built and managed over 15,000 rental homes across the state of Texas. Founder, Chairman, and CEO Hiles formed his two businesses with the goal of offering…