hiles-01-imgArchitectural trends include chic outdoor designs that boast low maintenance but high style. Marcus Hiles of Western Rim Properties has seen this demand rise, with an emphasis on open-air spaces that are both sustainable and reduce costs. Eco-friendly, conservation-minded choices like rainwater/graywater harvesting and permeable pavement are top of mind for many consumers and builders. Via a rooftop collection system, rainwater harvesting redirects moisture from the air and stores it in a well to be treated and repurposed on-site; while graywater takes previously used household wastewater and recirculates it for rest rooms and non-drinking purposes, lessening the need for fresh water and lowering the amount of sterilization. Another seemingly flawless idea for environmentally minded construction, permeable paving actually dates back thousands of years to the point where people first made roads by putting stones in beds over the ground. The practice allows the water to pass through thin openings between four layers of filtration (paving material, gravel, fabric, sand) before becoming absorbed by the earth below. Its benefits include lowering runoff and pollution, controlling the flow of storm water to gutters and drains, replenishing local groundwater supplies and providing a skid resistant surface for walkways, patios and driveways. Permeable pavement’s many attractive patterns often utilize crushed stone, brick, and recycled concrete.

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