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Marcus Hiles – The Mansions McKinney

  The Mansions McKinney provides nothing but the most deluxe amenities for those who desire extravagance every day. You’ll enjoy access to an elaborate clubhouse featuring two luxurious, resort-style pools, a high-tech fitness center, and a modern lounge with HDTV entertainment. And those…


Marcus Hiles Notes Shift To Outdoor Architectural Focus

Architectural trends include chic outdoor designs that boast low maintenance but high style. Marcus Hiles of Western Rim Properties has seen this demand rise, with an emphasis on open-air spaces that are both sustainable and reduce costs. Eco-friendly, conservation-minded choices like rainwater/graywater harvesting…


Marcus Hiles Simplify by Reducing Utility Bill Expenses

When temperatures are on the rise and air conditioners work all day long, Marcus Hiles suggests that roofing insulation may need to be replaced. Houses usually absorb the sun’s radiant heat through the roof, and warms up the attic and air ducts, which…


Marcus Hiles Charts Environmental Responsibility to Housing Developments

Environmental stewardship is of full value to the philosophy of the well-known Texas real estate developer Marcus Hiles. “Creating communities that work in harmony with nature and lessen humanity’s carbon footprint is a responsibility I embrace,” he says. Hiles, who is Chairman and…